Custom Designed & Built Ambry

Custom Designed and Built Ambry

St. Stephen, Anoka MN

St. Stephen’s had redecorated their Ambry area.  With the new space they wanted a new Ambry.  After searching catalogs they decided to have one built.  After meeting with their committee and Priest I did a couple rough sketches.  Once a direction was chosen I did a more finished sketch (shown here). 

The finished Ambry (pictured here without the Holy Oils) matches the wood work in the church.   It has a light inside the top, two adjustable shelves,  a mirrored bottom, and locking doors (the bottom has lockable storage via a hidden door).  The Ambry was designed in a octagonal shape to symbolize and connect with the Sacrament of Baptism.  It also features a cross design that is used throughout the church.