My typical process for a painting works in the following way:

* An individual, church group, designer, or architect contacts me and we discuss the possible project and scheduling. 

* After our discussion I will send you a written estimate and timeline of the project.  If, at any time the cost or timing of your project changes, I will contact you immediately.

* If you accept the estimate you would sign it and return with a 50% deposit.  The deposit will be available to you for refund until the painting is started.  Once the painting is started the deposit is no longer refundable (I’ve never had a request for a refund).

* After receiving the signed contract and deposit I will do a sketch, pencil or color, depending on your needs and our prior discussions.  One pencil sketch is included in the cost of a painting (click here to view a pencil sketch).  Color sketches are available at an additional cost (click here to view a color sketch). There is a charge for any additional pencil or color sketches.

* The sketch is sent out and we discuss any necessary changes.  Upon final approval I will begin your painting.  I will send you e-mail updates of your painting through its completion.

* With final approval and upon final payment I will ship the painting to you to install.  Or, if you prefer I will deliver and install the painting myself. 

If your situation requires special arrangements please feel free to discus them with me.  I see every painting I do as work to serve God and the community, therefore I work very hard to meet or exceed your expectations.

All of my paintings and murals are hand painted originals, nothing is printed.  I will gladly estimate any creative project free of charge.  All I need is the image, or concept you are considering and the size you would like.

I pride myself on making sure my clients are happy, that I’ve met their deadlines, and stayed within the budget.  It’s important to me to keep my prices affordable so all church communities have a realistic option to add original artwork to their church.  Please contact me with any questions you may have. 

Artwork, in all its forms, has such a rich history within the church.  I’m very proud to be restoring and adding to that history in a small way.

Text Box: Services

I can create original images on both large and small scales...from sketches to a completed painting.  I will gladly help you with a design or collaborate with architects, designers and committees to provide the services necessary to complete the project to your satisfaction.  (Click here to go to the gallery of paintings and murals).


Original paintings and murals

I will reproduce any image that does not have a copyright.  I can do a faithful reproduction of make changes necessary for the image to succeed in your space.  (Click here to view an example of a reproduction).

I can also reproduce “lost” murals or paintings.  If your church had a painting or mural that has been painted over or destroyed, I can replace it.  All I need is a color or black and white photograph to work from.

Reproduction paintings and murals

The goal of restoration is to clean and repair the damage to a painting without being able to tell that a different artist ever worked on it, even in cases where large sections are missing.  I have years of experience in restoration which allow me to study a painting, analyze the technique of the original artist and mimic their style to make the necessary repairs.  (Click here to view an example of a restoration). 

Revitalization is similar to restoration but it is used in cases where there may not be much traditional damage (water staining, etc.) but more in cases where the painting has irreversibly darkened through age or was just painted dark because it was the fashion at the time.  When I work on revitalized paintings I first clean the painting.  If that does not solve the problem then I go through the whole painting and lighten it up as necessary to go well with the church space and décor.  (Click here to view an example of a revitalization).

Restoration/Revitalize paintings and murals

As a service design has a very broad scope.  Between my team of artists and I, we can design any aspect of your creative needs.  (Click here to go to the design section).

Some creative and design areas we can help with are:

* Sketches

* Paintings

* Murals

* Entire church decorative schemes

* Logos

* Furniture

* Stone Work (altars, fonts, etc.)

* Statuary (new, and restored)

* And more…

Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Service List