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Bernard was called into Aquitaine, where William, the duke of that province, was persecuting followers of Pope Innocent, and had expelled the bishops of Poitiers and Limoges. Bernard's prayers and persuasion having failed to prevail on William to restore the bishops, he used a more powerful weapon. He went to the church to say Mass, while the duke  stood at the door. The kiss of peace before the Communion had been given, when suddenly Bernard laid the wafer of the Host on the paten, turned, and holding it high advanced with it to the door, his eyes flashing and his countenance all on fire.  He said, "I have entreated and besought you, and you have despised me.  Now the Son of the Virgin, the Lord and Head of that Church which you persecute, comes in person to see if you will repent. Will you scorn Him as you have done His servants?" Unable to bear more, the terrified duke fell on his knees and repented. 


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The Life of St. Bernard

St. Bernard

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